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We offer loans to primary buyers and investors.
Whether you need a conventional loan or a private money loan, we can help.

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Why This Mission?


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Lending is complex and most lenders do only one type of loan (Conventional or Non Conventional) We offer all types of real estate loans under one roof. Whether you're looking to buy your first home, refinance your rental or flip a fixer upper, we can help.

Fact 2

Most buyers don't have the power of a team working for them We are a one stop shop: Lenders, Agents and much more under one roof. Highly convenient, Great service.


Fact 3

Lenders usually don't pay for your appraisal But we do. It's our way of saying Thank you.

Loan Type

Primary buyer Investor
Conventional Long term Rental
FHA Airbnb Rental
VA Fix and Flip
203k Hard money
Jumbo Private money

Why Graystone is good fit for you?


Great rates

Unlike your bank, we work with dozens of lenders to get you a great rate


Best service

No communication gaps between your lender and your agent


Problem Solving Expertise

If you hit a roadblock, we'll find a solution.


Creative lending

Designed for investors by investors

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Who we are?

We are a diverse team of lenders, mortgage originators, agents, investors, property managers and technocrats. We come from different countries but have one common goal: Make lending simple and convenient for everyone.

Have Questions?

Our friendly agents are happy to help.